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Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

If you are a current denture wearer or you are looking to get dentures, your oral surgeon may recommend pre-prosthetic surgery to ensure the most comfortable fit.

If your dentures do not fit comfortably in your mouth, problems with eating, chewing, and speaking can become painful and embarrassing. Facial aesthetics may even be affected. For patients who desire dentures as their preferred tooth replacement option but are finding them difficult or painful to wear, pre-prosthetic surgery may be the best solution.

Pre-prosthetic surgery ensures your dentures fit as comfortably and securely as possible. The type of pre-prosthetic surgery you will receive will depend on your unique anatomy and the severity of your condition. When you come to Greater Connecticut Oral & Dental Implant Surgery, you will meet with one of our experienced oral surgeons, who will personally examine you and design a customized treatment plan to ensure you receive the best fit from your dentures.

Other types of oral surgery procedures to receive a better fit from dentures can include bone grafts, tissue grafts, or tooth extraction.

Why have pre-prosthetic surgery?

Many times, a patient with dentures will need to visit their dentist for a periodic adjustment. Sometimes, a patient may experience continued discomfort if these adjustments fail to relieve the symptoms caused by an ill-fitting prosthetic. When this happens, the dentist can refer to an oral surgeon for surgical correction. Pre-prosthetic surgery allows patients to wear their dentures securely so that they can eat comfortably, speak with ease, and have confidence in their smile again.

Types of Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Greater Connecticut Oral & Dental Implant Surgery designs customized treatment plans for every patient. Your pre-prosthetic surgery treatment will be tailored to your facial structure, oral health needs, and personal goals. Common pre-prosthetic surgery procedures may include

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery in Danbury, CT, and New Milford, CT

Dentures should provide a comfortable and secure fit. When your prosthesis is ill-fitting, it can become uncomfortable and even affect many aspects of daily living, such as eating, speaking, and chewing. If you would like to receive a better from your dentures or have been referred for pre-prosthetic surgery by your dentist, we encourage you to contact Greater Connecticut Oral & Dental Implant Surgery.