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Paul Received Dental Implants
Redding, CT

Zygomatic implants made Paul’s new smile possible.

My name is Paul, I had a zygomatic implant. I had a problem with a tooth and I needed to have an extraction, was the beginning of it. Dr. Kurtz said that I would be a good candidate for having an All-On-4®. When he took the X-ray, he determined that a normal All-On-4 would not be—it wouldn’t work for me because I had atrophy of some of the bone in my mouth. We had learned about a thing called a zygomatic implant, which I had never heard of, and he decided that I would be a good candidate for that. Well, the surgery was fantastic. It was quite a procedure. It’s so much easier now. I don’t have to worry about it, just take care of it like normal teeth, and I couldn’t be happier with the results at this point in time. Dr. Kurtz is at the top of his game. I’ve had nothing but a great experience while I was here at Greater Connecticut Oral & Dental Implant Surgery.

Dental Implants for Redding, Connecticut

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