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Advanced Platelet-Rich Fibrin

Your surgeon can accelerate the healing process after certain oral surgery procedures using advanced platelet-rich fibrin (A-PRF)—growth factors derived from your own blood sample.

Advanced platelet-rich fibrin can be used for many oral surgery procedures, including bone grafting for dental implants. It is a quick procedure that can be performed in our office to accelerate your body’s natural healing processes. During the procedure, a high concentration of platelet-rich fibrin, along with other growth-stimulating materials, is applied to the surgical site. Your own blood sample will be taken at the beginning of the procedure to create these powerful growth factors.

Patients who select advanced platelet-rich fibrin as a part of their treatment tend to experience reduced post-surgical discomfort and swelling. If you are interested in learning more about advanced platelet-rich fibrin or would like to add it to your treatment plan, please contact our practice for a consultation with one of our experienced oral surgeons.

Benefits of Advanced Platelet-Rich Fibrin

Using advanced platelet-rich fibrin as a part of oral surgery treatment can provide many benefits:

Advanced Platelet-Rich Fibrin in Danbury, CT, and New Milford, CT

If you are interested in adding advanced platelet-rich fibrin to your treatment plan, please contact Greater Connecticut Oral & Dental Implant Surgery. Drs. Kurtz and Lee will discuss your options, including your candidacy for advanced platelet-rich fibrin, and design a treatment plan that is right for you.